The Church Online blog offers a growing resource for churches as they embark on their digital worship journey.

By tapping into the technical knowledge of digital experts along with insights from church leaders, we aspire to create a space to extend your knowledge, solve problems, and offer inspiration.

We started with our Back to Church Guide, as a tool to help improve the transition to hosting online and in-person services.

Our primary focus for the blog fits into five key categories.

Live Streaming

In our Live Streaming section there are technical insights and recommendations to help start or improve your live streaming capacity. We review products, provide tactical tips, and highlight ways to make digital worship easier for your church.

Health & Safety

In our Health & Safety section we cover everything from your physical to emotional health and wellbeing. We catalog resources for NHS health recommendations as it relates to the global pandemic, but also provide guidance on managing the health of you and your congregation.


As the saying goes, Church doesn’t just happen in the building where meet. Church is about the strength of our community, and how we support one another. Articles in this section are produced to help you grow and nurture your church community.


With physical and digital outreach tools available, it’s sometimes problematic knowing the best ways to reach your parish. We collect the latest marketing and outreach best practices and ideas to inspire your communications strategy.


Finally, we highlight the good works of church leaders through interviews and essays.

We’d Love to Hear from You

If you have a topic idea, want to participate in an interview, or have questions you’d like us to answer, get in touch!

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